#EarnYourLounj Instagram Giveaway

Airlounj is having an #EarnYourLounj Instagram Giveaway. We know people work hard every day. Not only do they work to earn money but they work so they can relax too. Some go above and beyond to say they earned their relaxation. We have all heard the stories of riding the North Shore of Hawaii, pushing through routes in Yosemite, running your first marathon, or completing your first back flip with some sticks strapped to your feet. We want to reward those who we feel have gone the extra mile. Here's the deal. Using a picture to tell the story, show us what you and a friend did to #EarnYourLounj. Each of the two lucky winners will be awarded an Airlounj in the color of their choice.

The Rules:

  1. First, follow @Airlounj on Instagram.
  2. Mention a friend in a photo where you and/or your friend earned your Airlounj.
  3. Tag the photo with the hashtag #EarnYourLounj.

You can submit as many pictures as you desire. By submitting any photos into the contest you are giving Airlounj the right to post the image on all of our social media pages.

If we think you did #EarnYourLounj, and you are over the age of 18, you and a friend will soon be relaxing on your two Airlounj in no time! The winners will be announced on Monday July 11th. Use the next two weekends to take some great shots and send them in before the contest is over. Happy Lounjin!