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Airlounj is excited to introduce our new, improved Airlounj

As with our previous model, the new Airlounj is designed for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment just about anywhere, indoors and out, in all your favorite places. Airlounj is your go to place to chill, relax, enjoy the park, share the best concert location and so many more options. Only now it?s even better! Our team has incorporated a wonderful pillow into the design, enhancing the already awesome Airlounj experience even further.

With a capacity of 500 pounds (226 kilograms), Airlounj comfortably accommodates 1 to 3 adults... and even more kids! Most everyone can enjoy the convenience and comfort of Airlounj!

Without need for pumps or other accessories and requiring only seconds to complete, our easy inflation technique far surpasses others suggested instructions. A few scoops of air, rolling the open ends and a click of the sealing buckle provide the user with Airlounj comfort. No running around or waiting for that gust of wind necessary! We promise.

In addition to our exciting new pillow model, Airlounj has also introduced a multitude of beautiful new colors and designs. Our three new premium designs include the breathtaking Reef and Galaxy graphics, along with a fun Tie-Dye design. Additionally, there are over 15 other patterns and colors to choose from. We have the Airlounj to suit your personality and favorite colors.

Better than similar products, Airlounj uses a high thread count rip-stop nylon for added durability in it?s outer liner and a heavy poly for the inner bag. These important factors and our exclusive new design, combined with exceptional quality and the best levels of customer service, provide Airlounj customers with peace of mind knowing they are purchasing the best portable inflatable lounge chair on the market.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Airlounj community and a sincere thanks for considering Airlounj!