We have a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. The 1 year warranty covers any abnormal defect in workmanship or materials that occurs within the warranty period. This does not include normal wear and tear or any issues that arise due to negligence or misuse. Negligence may include, but is not limited to, damage due to prolonged sun exposure, damage or breakage due to occurrences outside of our control, damage due to salt water corrosion, mildew or other water damage. Punctures and tears to either the outer rip-stop nylon layer or the inner polyethylene bag are not covered by the warranty. Additionally, breakage of the plastic ribs (at the openings of the Airlounj)is not covered by the warranty.


In the event an issue covered under our warranty occurs, we reserve the right to either have the product repair or send an equivalent replacement product at no cost to you.